About Go Green LaGrange
Volunteers at the Go Green LaGrange table at the La Grange Farmers Market in 2022. Seated left to right: Sue Klein and Barbara Barrett. Standing left to right: Larry Adkison, David Bryant, Todd Rapp, and Jimmy Janevski.
Our goal is to help preserve the planet by encouraging and supporting residents of La Grange, Illinois, and nearby communities in their efforts to recycle, reuse, reduce, and rethink consumption.

Our Beginnings

Two La Grange residents, Rose Naseef and Linda Christianson, launched Go Green LaGrange to help raise awareness about climate change and other environmental issues. The first meeting was held in Christianson's living room in 2008. In the early years, the group focused on educating local residents about recycling, pollution prevention, climate change, and other environmental topics.

Under the leadership of David Bryant, Go Green LaGrange began collecting items for recycling and donation that cannot be recycled through traditional curbside recycling services. The nonprofit has regular Events where residents can drop off a variety of items, ranging from natural corks and shoes to clothing and textiles.

Go Green LaGrange was incorporated as a 501c3 charitable organization in 2021.

Current board members of Go Green LaGrange are:

  • Alexandria Zuck, President
  • Aakruti Liva, Vice President
  • Ann Lee, Secretary
  • Kerri DiMonte, Treasurer
  • Stephen Baker
  • Joyce Carlson
  • Joe Skvara

What We Are Accomplishing Today

The most visible impact of our work is our collection of recyclable and reusable items at the La Grange Farmers Market. But we're about more than that.

The nonprofit also has a cadre of committed and passionate volunteers who help out in numerous ways.

We host educational and outreach events throughout the year for both adults and children. In addition, we are collaborating with the Township of Lyons to launch a repair café where residents will be able get clothes, appliances, and other items fixed. The café is currently slated to launch in late 2023. Learn more about Repair Cafe here.

This website is also an extension of our mission. On this website, residents will discover resources to help them recycle or donate items locally every day of the year, as well as resources for repairing, renting, and buying used items. Residents can also find tips on a variety of topics, from how to compost to where to buy gently used children's clothes.

A Bright Future, With Your Help

Whether you are one of our local neighbors or visitors from places near and far, Go Green LaGrange hopes that this website will provide inspiration — to participate in our collection and education efforts; take other important steps to recycle, reuse, reduce, and rethink consumption; and join the greater effort to help Mother Earth.